Packing is finally done!!!!

I’ve really struggled with the packing issue!  I have a very large suitcase and tried to keep the weight under 50lbs.  It started as 70lbs but after packing and repacking maybe 15 times (not even kidding) I finally got it down to 49.8 lbs.  (I hope my scale is right this time)  LOL!

Traveling from the states to Panama I can get away with 50lbs but getting from Panama City, Panama to Bocas Del Toro the weight limit is 14kg which is about 30lbs.  I was trying to keep that in mind when packing but then saw that if it’s over the 14kg they charge $3 per kilogram, right now its a total of $27, however…I have 2 more bags!  LOL!

I really REALLY tried not to over pack but I have no idea what to expect.  I packed shoes for every occasion….except heels…I already know I won’t be wearing those, but I have walking shoes (2 pairs because of color and style), hiking boots, rain boots, wait…had to remove those (weight limit), water shoes (closed toe and open), fancy flip-flops for dresses, beach flip flops and tan sandals…I think that is all that I packed in shoes…a woman still has to look good even when living in the tropics/jungle you know!  a few pairs of shorts, jeans, shirts, yoga pants, tank tops, dresses, socks and panties.  Something for every occasion.  Not to mention, small flashlights, cold meds and first aid kit.

I had to remove 2 pairs of binoculars, games, umbrella backpacks, large bottles of hair products,  small tool kit (because you never know when you may need to use a screw driver),  all our sunscreens and bug spray.

I know this all sounds very simple, but it was a real struggle.  I know I should probably pack even less as we were originally supposed to just be backpacking, but I just can’t do it.  The fear of not knowing if I will have what I need is freaking me out then Allan told me what ever we don’t have we can buy.  I’m good with that, however Panama, especially Bocas del Toro is a third world country.  I just need to learn to improvise.  Thats it…my word of the year…IMPROVISE!  Ha!

We leave Monday….until then,  you all have a good week and a safe weekend and be sure to check back with me next week to hear of our arrival.

Hasta Luego!

One thought on “Packing is finally done!!!!

  1. Safe flight!!! I’m sure you over packed but if you can put anything in you carry on bag put some stuff there too (i.e. shoes) enjoy!

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