Finding your Tribe

If you have lived your whole life in one place, you probably feel as if you settled. You have your family around and life long friends. But if you ever moved from one place to another, you know the feeling of being alone, maybe even home sick.   It takes some time to figure out […]

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Loyal loved ones…our pets!

So many times we take our friends and especially family for granted. Returning home after being gone for 3 months you realize just how much you truly do miss and appreciate your loved ones. They make you feel loved and appreciated just as much as you love and appreciate them. Its such a great feeling, […]

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Patience, Pain and a Love Story

When you book a flight into another country, you have to show that you have a departing flight. So when we originally booked our flight here to Panama we gave ourselves 3 months to get everything we needed to do done.  We told our attorney that we have flights booked for May 6th to go […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

Just a quick thought for today.  I was cleaning out the fridge and saw that I had some lemons that were getting pretty soft.  Instead of throwing them out I decided to make some fresh squeezed lemonade.  While squeezing all of those lemons I started thinking about the phrase, “When Live Gives You Lemons, Make […]

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Trip to Panama City

We spent the week in Panama City, Panama working to get our Panamanian bank account open and register with immigration to show our intents on becoming a resident of Panama. We arrived at our hotel on Tuesday afternoon and since our room wasn’t ready we went to the hotel lounge and had a glass (or […]

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